Sequence Controls Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of electronic products for commercial and industrial applications.

I.  Development & Product Design:

Sequence is a one stop, comprehensive product development service.  Using in-house expertise we cover all facets of new product development and design.  Our services include:

•  Design and Development Planning
•  Schematic and Hardware Design
•  Transformer Design and Custom Winding
•  Software Development
•  Injection Mold Tool Design
•  Graphic Design
•  Prototype Production and Test
•  Automatic Test Fixtures
•  Documentation Packages
•  Regulatory Certification

II.  Manufacturing:

Sequence covers all aspects of the production process, including:

•  Materials Procurement
•  Management of Vendor Relationships
•  Product Manufacturing
•  Product and System Testing
•  Packaging and Shipping
•  Training and Service

III.  Partnering:

Many companies do not have the expertise to successfully manage the development, design and manufacture of a sophisticated new product.  Financing technical development and dealing with its tax implications can be a problem.  Sequence often partners with clients to provide:

•  Project Funding
•  Technical Project Management
•  Financial Management

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I.  Development & Product Design:


Design and Development Planning

Our product design team has years of experience turning the client's ideas and requirements into low cost products.

Schematic and Hardware Design

Our engineers draw on their many years of hardware design experience to produce a product that meets your requirements at an affordable price.

Transformer Design and Custom Winding

We design and manufacture linear transformers for custom use in-house to UL and CSA specifications.

Software Development

Our software design team writes concise code in the language best suited for the product.  Our software developers have experience with numerous programming languages including C++ and Altera to name a few.

Injection Mold Tool Design

If injection molded packaging is required, our CAD department can design to your requirements.  We may even have something in-house to fulfill your products requirements.

Graphic Design

Customer specific or in-house designs are brought to life by our art department.

Prototype Production and Testing

Our technicians quickly turn designs into prototypes for functionality and manufacturability testing.

Automatic Test Fixtures

Sequence designs and manufactures comprehensive, automated test fixtures, which display and/or print detailed product-specific test results.

Documentation Packages

Full documentation services are available and include schematics, instruction manuals as well as assembly and manufacturing drawings.

Regulatory Certification

Sequence has years of experience with regulatory agencies such as CSA, UL and TUV.  We frequently deal with these agencies for our clients to ensure swift approval.  Most certification tests can be conducted in our own test lab.

II.  Manufacturing:


Materials Procurement

Sequence designers use reliable and readily available components to get the job done.

Management of Vendor Relationships

Sequence has long term relationships with many major component suppliers and maintains component allocation contracts in place at all times.

Product Manufacturing

Sequence assembles circuit boards, wiring harnesses, cables, and transformers in-house.

Product and System Testing

Products and systems are all rigorously tested.

Packaging and Shipping

Our existing distribution network delivers Sequence products locally and around the world.

Training and Service

Sequence provides product training as required and maintains an 800 number for ease of communication with trained factory service representatives.

III.  Partnering:


Project Funding

Sequence can assist clients in obtaining funds or amortise the development costs over units of products produced.

Technical Project Management

Sequence offers technical project management services to ensure that the project will be completed on time and within budget.

Financial Management

Sequence frequently offers expertise to manage clients' projects and to help clients claim research and development tax credits.